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Trastevere is the most popular district in Rome. It hosted “foreigners” already at the old Roman times, due to its closeness to the river port called “Ripa Grande”. Since ancient times, it was occupied by sailors, traders, craftsmen (particularly of eastern origins) and among these many Jews. Due to its peculiar position, in between the Tiber river and the Gianicolo hill, it was called "transtiberim" that is beyond the Tiber river: it was the only part of the City which was built on the right bank of the river.
In the particular, between the Renaissance period and the 19th century a peculiar feeling of belonging started among the inhabitants of this big district: the “trasteverino” spirit.
The most characteristic sign of this, is the proud statement made by the district inhabitants saying that they never “passed the bridge”, referring to the bridges connecting Trastevere to the other bank of the river and then with the rest of the City. Such difference with the rest of Romans was later on canonized in the celebration called “Festa de’ Noantri”,
where the “us” (literally “noi”) is opposed to “you” (literally “voi”) wich refers to the other citizens. The celebration takes place each year at the end of July.
At night, the lights of the very many restaurants and pubs liven up the district and the narrow streets are full of Romans and foreigners. It is very nice to discover the fascinating atmosphere of Trastevere, from the narrow, dark alleys at times tortuous to the noisy and colourful squares, surrounded by period buildings.

Things not to miss :

“Santa Maria in Trastevere” church
“Farnesina Villa”on Via della Lungara
“Santa Cecila in Trastevere” church
the Crypt of San Crisogono