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Via Nazionale, which was built at the end of the 19th century,
is a modern and strait road connecting Termini railway station to Piazza Venezia.
The road begins from Piazza della Repubblica, decorated with a 19th-century fountain
called “Fontana delle Naiadi”, where is located also the “Santa Maria degli Angeli”
Basilica conceived by Michelangelo
and constructed over the remains of the Diocletianus Thermal baths.
Along this road, there are a lot of shops and the Exhibition Palace
(“Palazzo delle Esposizioni”), the “San Vitale” Basilica and at a lower road level
compared to the modern one there is “Saint Paul within the walls” church.
It was the first religious and protestant building erected in Rome
after the Unity of the Country and it is decorated with beautiful windows
(unique in Italy) made by artist Burnes-Jones.

Things not to miss :

National Museum of Rome of “Palazzo Massimo alle Terme”
(Archaeological collections) “Saint Paul within the walls” church